Pokkén Tournament – Part 21 – Iron League Tournament & Grand Master (Shadow Mewtwo) – Aaronitmar

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Hey guys, welcome to my Pokkén Tournament singleplayer playthrough! In this series we’ll be taking on the Ferrum League by climbing through the ranks to prove that we are the best trainer out there! In this episode, we take on the top 8 trainers in the Trainer Tournament of the Iron League before, at long last, battling the Grand Master!

Game Information:
Pokkén Tournament (ポッ拳 POKKÉN TOURNAMENT Pokkén: Pokkén Tournament) is a Pokémon arcade fighting game heavily based on the Tekken series gameplay style. Bandai Namco Entertainment, the owners of the Tekken intellectual property, developed the game under license from The Pokémon Company, and are responsible for distributing arcade cabinets in Japan.

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Pokkén Tournament – Part 21 – Iron League Tournament & Grand Master (Shadow Mewtwo) – Aaronitmar



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